Weather Stop Industrial Strength Aluminium Threshold Seal Kit 8mm (High)

Part Number: WS437
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From AU$164.10
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The Weather Stop Industrial strength aluminium threshold seal has been specifically developed for use on commercial and industrial premises where maximum strength and durability are required. It is built with solid aluminium to withstand extreme weight and heavy traffic. It is also suitable for use in residential applications.

Measuring approx. 8mm high, the low-lying profile of the product makes it ideal for use with pallet stackers and forklift trucks, which can easily pass over the threshold seal, whilst still providing an effective barrier against water, leaves, dust and other debris.

The threshold seal itself is made from a solid aluminium construction and is supplied in sections. It is supplied with thermoplastic bottom seals which provide a tight seal to your garage or warehouse floor to prevent water ingress. The product is also supplied with high impact concrete fixing screws. The grooved top design allows for improved tyre traction and also protects against trips and slips when passing over the threshold seal.

In the case of slightly uneven flooring, the Garadry adhesive & sealant can be used to bed the threshold seal to the floor and fill in any gaps underneath the seal.

The kit includes:

  • aluminium section(s)
  • bottom insert seals
  • concrete fixings
  • T30 screwdriver bit
  • fitting instructions

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Fitting Instructions


For best results the surface should be smooth and flat and devoid of bumps or troughs. Remedial action should be undertaken to rectify uneven surfaces prior to fitting the threshold seal. Always unpack your box and check the contents against the list above before commencing installation.


Example of a rough concrete surface:

Rough floor

Example of a smooth concrete surface:

Smooth floor

For rough surfaces Garadry adhesive & sealant should be used underneath the threshold seal to ensure a watertight seal.

Tools Required

  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Pencil or marker pen
  • 6mm Masonry drill bit
  • Electric screwdriver

Fitting positions

The threshold seal can either be fitted in between the door tracks, or it can be set back slightly from the door and mitred around the door tracks. This may be suitable if the door has an alarm sensor that cannot be removed.

Fitting position 1

Fitting position2

Step One

Step one

Determine whether the threshold seal is to be fitted between the door tracks, or mitred around the tracks.

(a) Measure the width of the opening in between the door tracks.

(b) Measure around the door tracks, and the distance between the threshold seal fitting position and the wall

Step Two

Step two

(a) Mark and cut the threshold seal to size to sit in between the door tracks.

(b) If fitting the threshold seal around the door tracks, measure the distance between the wall and the back edge of the seal, and cut end sections to this length. Using a mitre saw, cut the threshold seal sections accordingly.

Step Three

Step three

Turn the threshold seal section(s) upside down and insert the bottom seals into the grooves at either end of the seal.

Step Four

Step four

Return the threshold seal to an upright position and lay it into position across the opening. Using a marker pen/pencil, mark where to drill the holes in the concrete.

Step Five

Step five

Remove the threshold seal, and using a 6mm drill bit, drill the holes for the screws. Once completed, ensure the surface is brushed clean to remove debris.

Step Six (Optional)

Step six

In the case of the floor being uneven, lay a bed of adhesive underneath where the threshold seal is to be fitted to ensure a watertight seal.

With the threshold seal in position, mark along the front and back edge of the seal with a marker pen/pencil. Remove the threshold seal and mark a line approximately 10mm inside the existing lines, followed by a zig zag line in the middle of them.

Apply Adhesive & Sealant following the pencil lines created.

Step Seven

Step seven

Place the threshold seal back into position, insert all of the screws in their respective holes and hand tighten. Then ensure that all screws fit snugly.

Step Eight

Step eight

Apply pressure to the threshold seal with your foot. Using an electric screwdriver, tighten the screws into place making sure they are flush but do not overtighten.

Step Nine

Step nine

Wipe the surface of the threshold seal to remove any grease or dirt.

Step Ten

Step ten

Depending on the fitting position of the threshold seal:

(a) Apply sealant & adhesive around the edges of the threshold seal and the frame to ensure a watertight seal.

(b) Apply ahdesive and sealant in the mitre join of the threshold seal, and around the edges of the seal to ensure a watertight seal.

Test the threshold


Using a bucket of water, or a hosepipe, test the threshold seal for water ingress. If water enters underneath the seal run a line of adhesive & sealant along the front and back edge of the threshold seal.

Alternatively, unscrew the threshold seal and apply a bed of adhesive as per Step Six of the instructions.

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Additional Information

Product information

Supplied as a complete kit with everything required for easy installation
Suitable for all types of industrial and commercial door


Ideal for use with roller shutter/commercial doors
Prevents water, leaves, dust and other debris
Made from solid aluminium
Is designed to withstand extreme weight
Low-lying profile allows for easy access of pallet stackers and forklifts
Inter-locking aluminium sections to create longer lengths
Compressible bottom seals to create a watertight seal
Complete with counter sink holes and fixings
Serrated base to allow threshold to be adhered to surface

Kit Sizes

The kits are supplied in joinable sections of aluminium, with continuous lengths of bottom insert seal. The various length combinations can be found below:

Kit LengthAluminium Section(s)
1.55m 1x 1.55m
2.00m 1x 2.00m
2.50m 1x 2.50m
3.10m 2x 1.55m
3.55m 1x 1.55m & 1x 2.00m
4.00m 2x 2.00m
4.50m 1x 2.00m & 1x 2.50m
5.00m 2x 2.50m
5.60m 2x 1.55m & 1x 2.50m
6.00m 3x 2.00m
7.00m 1x 2.00m & 2x 2.50m
8.00m 4x 2.00m
9.00m 2x 2.00m & 2x 2.50m


What are the dimensions of the Industrial Strength Aluminium Threshold Seal?

The aluminium is supplied in 3 lengths (1.55m, 2.0m and 2.5m) which can be joined together to create various size kits. The threshold seal is 8mm x 150mm.

Technical drawing

How should the threshold seal be fitted?

The threshold seal has been designed to fit either directly underneath or behind the door.

Technical drawing

What weight is the threshold seal capable of withstanding?

As the threshold seal is constructed from solid aluminium, we are confident that the seal will be able to withstand virtually any weight, and it has been specifically designed for use on industrial premises and in aircraft hangars, etc.

Forklift over industrial threshold

Is the threshold seal easy to fit?

Yes, the threshold seal can be fitted by any competent DIYer. The kit is supplied with everything required to install the seal and is supplied with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Fitting industrial threshold

Will the threshold seal fit to an uneven floor?

Ideally the industrial strength threshold seal should be fitted to a flat/level floor, but if the floor is slightly uneven, the Garadry adhesive & sealant can be used to fill in any gaps underneath the threshold seal and create a watertight seal. The base of the threshold seal is serrated to allow the adhesive & sealant to grip easily to the threshold seal.

Rough concrete

A rough concrete floor - adhesive may be needed to create a tight seal

Smooth concrete

A smooth concrete floor - threshold seal bottom seals should create a tight seal without the need for adhesive.

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Additional Information

Part Number WS437
Product Weight kg
Manufacture Guarantee 1 year

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