'GARADAM' Garage Door Flood Barrier Threshold Kit 50mm (High)

Part Number: WS436
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From AU$287.73
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Our biggest seal yet at an impressive 50mm high, the GARADAM creates a watertight seal and prevents leaves, dust, debris and rodents from entering your garage. It will also provide flood protection to your garage or warehouse during heavy rain or stormy weather. With a 5 year warranty, we’re confident our GARADAM seal will keep your garage clean and dry all year round.

The kit includes:

  • 'GARADAM' threshold length
  • Garadry adhesive & sealant cartridge(s) 290ml
  • Fitting instructions

This product is protected by a Community Design Registration (005798642-0001).

Please note: Due to the weight, we strongly recommend the 16'3" length is a 2-person lift.

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Fitting Instructions


Tools required:

  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Pencil or marker
  • Straightedge or rule
  • Caulking gun

Garadry threshold seals are suitable for use with manual and automatic tilt doors, sectional doors, rolling doors and flex-a-doors.

Garadry thresholds can be applied to a range of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, epoxy coatings and blacktop.

The garage floor should be clean and free from dust, debris, oil and grease prior to fitting. For painted floors, a wire brush should be used to clean the area where the threshold seal is to be fitted to remove any loose paint. For best results, epoxy surfaces should be scuffed up with sandpaper beforehand to increase the surface area and allow for effective bonding.

Important: This product is not recommended for use on loose concrete or gravel surfaces. Unsealed concrete floors must be sealed prior to installation. (What is an unsealed floor? An unsealed floor is a floor with a loose or powdery finish).

Due to coiling in transport, the threshold seal should be laid flat on a clean surface in a warm, dry room for 24 hours so that it returns to its original shape.

It is recommended that installation is completed by 2 or more people due to the weight of the threshold. The threshold seal should be fitted by a mature adults and due care and attention should be paid when stepping over the threshold seal.

Step 1

Fitting Step One
Measure the distance between the outside edges of the garage door tracks. Cut the threshold seal to that length.

Step 2

Fitting Step Two

Position the threshold seal behind the door tracks, and mark where it needs to be cut to fit securely around the door tracks.

Measure the distance between the back of the door and the back edge of the door track. This is the depth that needs to be cut out of the threshold seal to fit it around each of the door tracks.

Step 3

Fitting Step Three
Cut the threshold seal as required to fit around both of the door tracks. (Optional) the off-cut section can be used to fill in the gap inside the door track. If installing further back behind the tracks, it is recommended GARADAM SIDE CAPS are used to prevent water pooling/spilling over the seal.

Step 4

Fitting Step Four

With the garage door closed, place the threshold seal in position and push up tight against the back of the door to create a tight seal. The garage door should close onto the front edge of the seal (please ensure the garage door shuts correctly and locks with the seal in position – if it does not, then move the threshold back slightly and re-check. It is also advisable at this stage if you have an electrically operated door that the motor continues to operate normally).

If there is visible daylight, then the threshold seal may need to be cut back further around the door tracks to ensure a tight seal.

If there is a floor-based alarm sensor, the threshold seal may need to be notched around this to ensure the alarm connection is not broken.

Step 5

Fitting Step Five
With the threshold seal in position, mark along the back edge of the seal inside the garage.

Step 6

Fitting Step Six
Open the garage door and mark along the front edge of the seal. Remove the threshold seal from the floor and mark two parallel lines approx. ½” inside the existing lines. Then mark a zigzag line inside the parallel lines.

Step 7

Fitting Step Seven

Before fitting the threshold seal, use a dry cloth to remove any dust, grease and dirt from the bottom of the threshold seal.

Important: Brush the floor thoroughly ensuring that it is clean and free of dust, debris, oil and grease.

Cut the end (approx. ½” or 1.25cm) off the adhesive tube using a hacksaw or sharp knife. Apply the adhesive to the floor following the marked lines.

Note: Application temperature of the adhesive is 40º F to 95º F. It is recommended to keep the adhesive at room temperature prior to use.

Step 8

Fitting Step Eight

Manoeuvre the seal to the edge of the installation area. The seal should be upside down.

You and a friend should be positioned about 1/3 in from both ends of the seal.

Carefully roll over the seal, taking care to ensure that the seal is gently lowered onto the adhesive.

Press down along the seal to ensure effective bonding. Remove any excess adhesive from the sides with a clean cloth.

Step 9

Fitting Step Nine

Finally, apply adhesive around door tracks to ensure a watertight seal.

Note: It may be necessary to adjust the garage door side locks or the electric garage door opener due to a change in the door’s position after installation. Please refer to your original manufacturer’s guidelines.

Step 10 (Optional)

Fitting Step Ten

For doors with open side tracks, the side blocks that have been supplied should be inserted into the space between the wall and the track to prevent water ingress.

  1. a) Measure the distance between the wall and the garage door track
  2. b) Cut the side block to size using a sharp utility knife
  3. c) Using the supplied adhesive, stick the side block to the concrete floor. Ensure that both the wall and the door track are coated in adhesive using the same method as Step Six.
  4. d) Seal around any edges as required

Step 11 (Optional)

If you are installing the GARADAM further back behind the tracks, it is recommended to purchase the GARADAM Foam Side Blocks to prevent water building up and spilling over the sides of the GARADAM.

One side of the side block is contoured to ensure a tight fit with the GARADAM. It is this side that should be in contact with the seal.

The side block should be attached to the GARADAM using the adhesive supplied with the threshold.

You should mark out on the threshold where the side block will go with a pen, and then apply the adhesive in a zigzag pattern.

The side block should be placed into position and pushed down firmly to ensure a tight fit.

The side block can be cut using a sharp knife/hacksaw if it needs to be altered to fit around the tracks.

Please see the 'GARADAM' Foam Side Blocks for more information

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Additional Information


  • Suitable for use with manual/automatic up and over, side-hinged, roller and sectional garage doors.
  • Comes as a complete kit (with everything you need to fit the GARADAM)
  • Suitable for installation on a concrete, asphalt, black top or epoxy flooring. If installing on epoxy flooring, it is recommended the area of installation is lightly scuffed with sandpaper before securing the seal.


  • Prevents leaves, dust, debris, small rodents and wind-blown rainwater from entering the garage.
  • Unique design has been rigorously tested to ensure the GARADAM stays in place when driven over.
  • Designed by a fully qualified British Industrial Designer
  • Easily fitted to the floor by high-quality MS polymer sealant
  • Made from a durable thermoplastic material that unlike rubber, won’t fade or degrade in exposure to extreme weather.
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

There are 4 available lengths - 2.52m (8'3"), 3.12m (10'3"), 3.73m (12'3") and 4.95m (16'3"). Longer lengths can be achieved by installing seals end to end and securing with extra adhesive. Please allow slight deviations in the height of the seal due the extrusion process during manufacture.



That’s easy, to determine the height most suitable for your garage simply measure the gap between the bottom of your door and the ground with the door closed. Be sure to measure in 3 or 4 points along the door to ensure you’re accommodating any differing heights. We then recommend purchasing the seal slightly higher than the biggest gap. If there is no visible gap and a small amount of water ingress, the 15mm or 20mm seal should suffice.


The 50mm high GARADAM is the highest seal available from Garadry. Designed for maximum protection and peace of mind against storms, debris, rodents and leaves. Keeping your garage dry and clean whatever the weather.


The raised hump on the top of the threshold fits behind the garage door to ensure that a tight seal is formed when the garage door is in the closed position. If installing further back behind the tracks rather than ‘notching’ around the tracks, it is recommended GARADAM Side Caps are used to prevent water pooling and spilling over the sides (see below)


Yes. The Garadam shouldn’t take too long to install and comes with easy-to-follow fitting instructions. We recommend asking someone to help when installing the GARADAM due to the weight, it is 2 person lift.


Yes, the threshold is secured to the floor by an extremely strong adhesive. Please see our weight guidelines for more information about a suitable seal for your vehicle and be sure to allow 24hrs from installation before driving over your new GARADAM seal.


Our threshold seals can handle extreme temperatures without any changes in performance. Our specialist sealant/adhesive does become slightly harder to apply in lower temperatures but once installed it will work just fine. If you can, install the threshold above freezing to ensure you get the best seal.

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Additional Information

Part Number WS436
Product Weight kg
Manufacture Guarantee 1 year

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